Ismaël/ اسمعيل

Work Cat for aquaculture sea farms

It is an auxiliary catamaran  destined to give service in the marine fish farm  of the Algerian company Aquapark-Pêche of Aïn the Turk near Oran. Able to carry 20 T ¡ on the deck it is provided with a crane Toimil of 20,5 TM of lift torque, and with a hydraulic capstan of 2,8 T, propelled by means of two engines Baudouin. In comparation with the boats in service in the Spanish fish-farms, this unit has been improved with a major moulded depth as well as with a double forecastle in the bow that allows to increase the height of the central tunnel to improve the navigation with frontal waves.


Service: Work Cat aux fisch farms
Group/Class:  3/S
Hull material: Aluminium 5083 H-111
Length overall, m: 14.95
Length between PP, m: 13.55
Moulded breadth, m: 6.20
Construction depth, m: 2.10
Gross registered tonnage,  TRB: 31.01
Gross tonnage; GT: 31.94
Max draugth with load, m; 1.07
Lightship weigth, T: 16.20
Working displacement, T: 20.34
Max, load on deck, T: 20.00
Max displacement with load, T: 40.49
Propulsion power, Cv/Kw: 2 x 228 /168
Speed withouth load, Nds: 12.0
Fuel,  L: 3000 – G.O.
Fresh water, L: 946
Sewage waters, L: 120
Oily water, L: 120
Crew & passengers: 2+4 Pax

Crane, Kn.m: 195
Cabestant, T: 2.8
Generator set, Kw: —
Winches, T:
Windlass, T:

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