Maria Tello

Auxiliary skiff for purse seiner red tuna fishing boats

This is a Auxiliary  of the tuna fishing boat LEONARDO BRULL SEGON dedicated to the capture the Mediterranean red tuna fish, fattening in sea farms and marketing. This type of vessel is called skiff.

It has been designed with specific dimensions to be raised without difficulty in the existing ramp on the tuna fishing boat where it remains lashed until it is launched  dropping sharply to the sea before the boat launch the purse seine fishing around the tuna fish bank .It has two keels at both sides to slice the skiff on the ramp, but when it is in the water prevent the fishing net to be caught in the rudder or propeller.

To resist the strong work the scantling of the skiff has been calculated in accordance, mainly in the structure and in the shell. In addition to ensure the buoyancy the skiff has four watertight espaces in the bow, both sides and astern that ensure the skiff will be afloat in case of overturning or flooding the engine room.

Powered by a powerful diesel engine in proportion to a so small hull, with wet exhaust system in the side, gearbox and propeller planned to obtain a high bollard pull, its main tasks are to maintain open the circumference of the fishing purse seine net or to pull the tuna fishing boat against the stream to avoid crushing the purse seine and the dead of the tuna fish for lack of oxygen.

The two fuel tanks are built in aluminium, not structural to prevent water condensation. In the deck there is a reinforced area braced to the bottom of the hull, with a table to fit the towing hooks and the quick shooting hook to liberate the towing rope in case of emergency.

Equipped with a powerful hydraulic steering, bilge system, radio and depth sounder, having the most of the conditions required in the rescue boats, the skiff was also authorized to do this function.




Service: Skiff auxiliary of red tuna fishing boats
Register number: 4ª-TA-1-1.05
Group/Class:  3/R
Hull material: Aluminium 5083 H-111
Length overall, m: 7.99
Length between PP, m: 7.27
Moulded breadth, m: 3.11
Construction depth, m: 1.24
Gross registered tonnage,  TRB: 46.09
Gross tonnage; GT: 4.42
Max draugth with load, m; 1.973
Lightship weigth, T: 5.45
Working displacement, T: 6.00
Max, load on deck, T: 0.55
Max displacement with load, T: 6.26
Propulsion power, Cv/Kw: 490 / 365
Speed withouth load, Nds: 6.2
Fuel,  L: 800 – G.O.
Fresh water, L: –
Sewage waters, L: –
Oily water, L: –
Crew & passengers: 2
Also giving service like rescue boat.


Download general arrangement drawings pdf