Trawler with hull in aluminium

This is a Mediterranean stern trawling boat vessel. This has been an important project which has received partial funding of CDTI in view of the innovations introduced in the forms, in the hull material – aluminium – and in the machinery for fishing, all aimed to obtain the maximum of performances with the lowest costs of fuel and maintenance and a small crew cost because everything in the boat has been focused to be operated with a minimal crew.

The hull is type hardchine with hydroconical forms. The stern post has been eliminated hosting the propeller under a semitunnel wich is fitted by means of spiders (struts), feeding water to the propeller without turbulences, drives the water, which together with weight reduction due to the lower density of aluminum, it allows improve the performances with less propulsion power.


All the deck machinery, except the crane and the drum to store the reserve net has been built in aluminium, to reduce the weight to gain speed but above all to obtain a significantly improve in the boat stability obtained reducing very much high weights. A large area of the working deck is sheltered under a large quaterdeck.


Another innovation introduced in the vessel is a portable remote control (TV remote type) by which the skipper can control the boat from wherever you are, without having to stay in the wheelhouse . With this system, in addition is possible to control the two net winches (one to the wires and the other for the rope and the net) fitted on the deck.

The presence of an articulated crane it made possible to eliminate the traditional bipod mast which, together with the hydraulic davit for the bloks has been manufactured in aluminium all it give to us a major advantage improving  the stability and speed.  All this related machinery and also the rudder, stern tube and propeller
shaft has been designed and manufactured by Blanchadell workshop, that he has also installed these machines in the boat, the same with the hydraulic and water circuits, etc.


Although it was not obligatory at the moment of the construction, the boat has been built in compliance with the actual regulations for fishing boats of less than25 m length.


Service: Trawling fishing boat
Register number: 3ª-TA.1-1.08
Group/Class:  3/T
Hull material: Aluminium 5083 H-111
Length overall, m: 18.85
Length between PP, m: 16.72
Moulded breadth, m: 5.18
Construction depth, m: 2.28
Gross registered tonnage,  TRB: 41.52
Gross tonnage; GT: 54.3
Max draugth with load, m; 1.303
Lightship weigth, T: 29.51
Working displacement, T: 41.79
Max, load on deck, T: 4.00
Max displacement with load, T: 42.17
Propulsion power, Cv/Kw: 365 / 268*
Speed withouth load, Nds: 14
Fuel,  L: 8650 – G.O.
Fresh water, L: 430
Sewage waters, L: 90
Oily water, L: 100
Crew & passengers: 5

Crane, Kn.m: 77
Cabestant, T:
Generator set, Kw: 27
Winches, T: 3
Windlass, T:

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