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Oily spill & debris recovery work-cat

Talleres Blanchadell  offers the ultimate design of SpillOil and Recovery Vessel on the market today. OSRV’s (Oil spill recovery vessels)  have been supplied to oil companies, marinas, port authorities and municipalities around the world.  Our 10 meters “Antipollution and Fi-Fi High speed vessel ” has been designed to undertake a wide range of cleanup duties marinas, inshore, harbors and offshore.

The vessel has been built in naval grade aluminum and is a multipurpose oil recovery vessel equipped with oil skimmer units , recovery oil handing systems and solid debris collecting systems designed  by Blanchadell shipyard. A retractable skimmer located in the central moonpool, hydraulically powered and connected to it four integral tanks integrated in the hull.Filling and discharge polluted waters operation  by means of a lube pump  able to manage even small solids. A basket placed in bow area and hydraulically driven collects floating debris from sea and put the garbage inside  a container located  just on deck. This basket and all the elements on deck can be replaced by means a small crane fitted on the deck. Two retractable waste and oil spills recovery panels ,hydraulically powered aperture and storage system . The manoeuvres are commanded from the cabin, allowing that just one person will be able to carry out all the operations Fire-fighting system with a water pump of 22 Hp allows this unit to be used against fire on boats or ports. The oil recovery vessel can also be used for boom laying, dispersant spraying, fire fighting, and beach washing, emergency fuel transfer, and equipment / personnel transport. For efficiency and cost effectiveness, Blanchadell shipyard strategically opted for a multi-purpose vessel design and offer stability and fuel efficiency through the highly-refined catamaran hull form which requires less power and fuel to meet operational requirements .Two outboard  110 hp engines allows to reach up to 20 knots speed, easy maintenance and endurance.

 The principal strategy is to skim the oil from the water surface as quickly and completely as possible, so the oil can be stored or destroyed in an appropriate manner, due its dimensions and very light weight , the vessel can be deployed at any place, by road, very quickly  without any special transport  or permission. Once located on the coastline, the vessel can reach the polluted area very quickly. As we have said  flexible design allows to carry out a wide range of tasks, and change the configuration is quite easy, thanks to the crane .Most deck equipment is bolted on deck and driven by means of hydraulic power. A 26 hp diesel engine supply enough power to the auxiliary systems and perfect balance between fuel efficiency and performance. The vessel have a comfortable Steering wheel bridge and the whole systems can be operated from  inside, in case of bad weather.

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Service: Against pollution
Group/Class:  3/S
Hull material: Aluminium 5083 H-111
Length overall, m: 10.82
Length between PP, m: 9.89
Moulded breadth, m: 2.50
Construction depth, m: 1.06
Gross registered tonnage,  TRB: 6.87
Gross tonnage; GT: 4.39
Max draugth with load, m; 0.70
Lightship weigth, T: 3.87
Working displacement, T: 4.00
Max, load on deck, T: 1.00
Max displacement with load, T: 8.46
Propulsion power, Cv/Kw: Outboard 2 x 115 /85
Speed withouth load, Nds: 15
Fuel,  L: 182 – Petrol – 25 GO
Fresh water, L: –
Sewage waters, L: –
Oily water, L: 4000
Crew & passengers: 1+6 Pax

Crane, Kn.m: 9
Aux diesel engine, Kw: 25

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