Semac Cuatro

Work – Planing – Mono-Hull 

It is the first unit that we have constructed for an application different to the fishing.

In spite of being a work boat, the hull forms are the classic one of speed planning boats that allows to reach – without cargo on the deck – a considerable speed that shortens the duration of the displacements without cargo from the port where the boat is normally to the port that will be his refuge the nearest to the place where it will be working. The high speed has been obtained in spite of the supplementary weigh reinforcing the deck to avoid to carry the charge.

When the boat is carrying load the craft behaves as a hull of semi-displacement. The stability and freeboard calculations limits the maximum weight of the load to 4 tons as maximum. The general arrangement above the deck is: Two pushing bulges ahead between them are fitted the bow roller to the anchor – electrical winch with warping-head and 100 m of chain in the chainbox – watertight hatch to accede to the forepeak – casing of the galley – pilot cabin – diving foldaway ladder in port side – hydraulic crane with capstan in port side – bold casing with watertight hatch and plugs to fill the fuel tanks and breathers – casing to ventilation fans and extraction with watertight hatch to accede in the machines room – Platform to protect the propeller nails – special fender around all the perimeter of the hull makes with a core in foam of high density recovered with a plastic lay very hard and flexible.

And under the deck: Fore peak – collision bulkhead – transversal thruster – galley, leaving and eating area  -toilet in port side – stairs in starboard side – two cabins each one with two bunks and a wardrobe – bulkhead to bold – bold where are fitted two fuel tanks non structural –machines room bulkhead – machines room with two propulsion engines and genset It is in service since August 2010

Video of the boat sailing


Service: Planing mono hull sea works
Group/Class:  3/T
Hull material: Aluminium 5083 H-111
Length overall, m: 15.44
Length between PP, m: 12.25
Moulded breadth, m: 4.34
Construction depth, m: 2.35
Gross registered tonnage,  TRB: 46.84
Gross tonnage; GT: 32.10
Max draugth with load, m; 0.70
Lightship weigth, T: 11.60
Working displacement, T: 14.37
Max, load on deck, T: 4.00
Max displacement with load, T: 18.37
Propulsion power, Cv/Kw: 2 x 330 /243
Speed withouth load, Nds: 24
Fuel,  L: 1500 – G.O.
Fresh water, L: 430
Sewage waters, L: 60
Oily water, L: 100
Crew & passengers: 2+8 Pax

Crane, Kn.m: 25.2
Cabestant, T: –
Generator set, Kw: 7
Winches, T: –
Windlass, T: 1.5


Download general arrangement