Transversal thrusters and azimuth and retractable trhusters

Our thusters are based in a transmission by means of spiral bevel gears, hardened and rolled, of high strength, driven from a hydraulic motor fitted inside the hull allowing an easy access from inside without having to put the boat in dry dock in case of malfunction.

With a high quality seal of tungsten carbide used in mining water pumps that is able to resist minor impacts of solids we ensure perfect sealing of the gear chamber of the propeller, preventing leakage of lubricating oil or water ingress. To further security our propellers have a double labyrinth chamber that prevents the access of fishing lines or similar  that causedso much damage to the sealing system.

To be used in the small size vessels such are the Mediterranean fishing boats the propeller design was made to operate at a higher speed than usual to have a smaller diameter.

It hurts not much the performance thrust, but makes it possible to be mounted on small hulls that otherwise could not be incorporate.

We supply stainless steel or aluminium tunnels equipped with protection grids inside that prevents the penetration of foreign objects that may damage the propeller. Mounting procedures available for wooden hulls, polyester / fiberglass, aluminum or steel shipbuilding. In any case, the tunnels are supplied ready for every type of hull material.aluminio naval.

Finally, leveraging our extensive experience in hydraulic systems, we can design circuits for driving the thrusters from existing systems on board or using new equipment.

Here is a gallery of images of different thrusters for different types of hull.


Retractable azimuth thrusters and propellers for maneuvering and / or propulsion.

From classic thrusters we have developed two systems of propulsion and maneuvering, retractable and azimuthal. Both have incorporated nozzle to increase the thrust.

The first is mounted in a box provided in the keel of the boat attached to a descending column using two telescopic hydraulic cylinders. It rotates 380 ° with a rack attached to hydraulic cylinders such as cranes. When the boat sails with the main propulsion system the azimuth thruster or propeller is retracted and the box covered. The position is controlled all time by means of encoders (angle, speed and elevation) sowing the information in the screen of a control panel fitted in the




The second is designed specifically for the new purse seine fishing Nuevo Paloma Divina to be installed in the transom outside the hull to maneuver at any angle when the boat has the fishing net deployed and it can’t move the main propellers. While sailing the propeller is retracted out of the water.

This equipment can be used to propels barges, dredge boats, and so on. Here some pictures of the system: