Hydraulic installations and repairs in marine applications

The work begins in the moment to make the project for what, ever we collect from the owners all types of information, details of operating, maneuvers, power, times, etc.. to calculate power, flows, pressures, simultaneous or sequential works, spaces above and below deck to ensure that they are able to contain the necessary elements, and a lot of  details that may affect the good order of the circuit to desing.

This is followed by the preparation of a schematic circuit where all values ​​ above are reported, and selecting and referencing all the materials and components to meet the levels of the installation requirements, distributing them all in a logical way as close as possible to the final location of the equipments on board.

Once all elements are fitted on board we make the hydraulic installation manufacturing the steel pipes,
hoses, couplings, etc..  always following the circuit to the letter.

Once the pipe is welded we start the stripping of the metal pipes and the inside protection by means of acid neutralizer and an anti-corrosive protective oil until the final assembly.

After filling the oil tank with previously filtered oil we do the testing of the pressures and flows making the controls and regulations of the running outputs to the level to obtain the required ratings, and repairing
possible linkages that may appear.

We are also able to make repairs of pumps and other hydraulic components and circuits.