Propeller shaft lines with stern tube in oil bath, grease or water lubricated – Design and supply of propellers

Propeller shaft lines with stern tubes oil bath

Although we manufacture stern tubes in any of the systems, historically we have always opted for the oil bath, because saved the risk of damage of the seals
originated by ropes or fishing lines by means of labyrinths or cutting blades, the rest are all advantages:

Lower cost of the materials because it isn’t necessary stainless steel to be manufactured – Lower friction losses for the best lubrication oil – Virtually no wear over years and years of operation – Complete absence of corrosion in the shaft
and the stern tube because the oil is a perfect electrical insulator – Prevents better the entry of seawater into the hull through the classic stuffing box which is the main cause of internal corrosion or osmosis in the metallic or fiber glass hulls.

In the course of the time we have used different systems of seals. We currently use the Deep Sea Seal in the aft and a system of conventional seals in ahead. In the gallery of images below, we show a stern tube of 190
mm ​​of diameter while it  was in manufacturing and several infographics taken from 3D drawings where you appreciate the details above.



Propeller shaft lines with stern tubes lubricated by means of grease or seawater

To satisfy the demands of customers who prefer these systems we have designed stern tube systems lubricated by mans of grease with bearings coated with anti-friction metal or by means of  seawater lubricated bearings
with rubber coach, we manufacture it in any shaft diameter and length within the dimensions specified in Main Particulars.