Deck machinery for purse seiner, and red tuna fishing

Machinery for purse seiner fishing boats

Winch in stainless steel with two drums in cascade, the lower to store all the rope, and the high – smaller- only the half of the rope. Each drum is independently driven by means of his exclusive hydraulic motor Poclain, and it exists two possibilities of guide, the first hydraulically assisted – like the pictures – and the second manually driven. In case of breakdown in one of the two hydraulic motors, the manoeuvre can be realized hauling the other rope end by means of the warping heat.

The lasts boats delivered we have installed a hydraulic drum to haul the stern fishing net rope end. We
manufacture it in stainless steel and are driven by means of a Poclain hydraulic motor.

We manufacture power blocks to haul the purse seine fishing net with the wheel in pentagonal reinforced sheets, without internal lay of rubber that are driven by means of a hydraulic motor of high speed fitted to a planetary reduction gear.

In addition we manufacture the traditional winches of warping heats in two options, with simultaneous running or with each side running independently like in the second picture. For this one we have manufactured a fold down davit to the pulleys bloks moved by means of an hydraulic cylinder

Winch for red tuna fishing boats

This is a powerfully winch whit two drums of equal capacity in cascade, each one to store all the wire, driven independently from a hydraulic motor. By means of this redundant system we can have always solution in case of malfunction. Manufactured in stainless steel, except the drums (carbon steel with a lining of stainless steel in the inside) It has a guide hydraulic assisted. This winch has been installed in three of six tuna fishing boats existing in the Spanish Mediterranean sea, and in a purse seine fishing boat in the Basque country.