Machinery for more types of fishing and other applications

Machinery for long liners fishing boats

Longline reels with different capacities and dimensions in carbon steel, stainless steel, or aluminum that is also much lighter and more durable. Driven by means of a hydraulic system with the pressure controlled to prevent over pull very detrimental to the reel and the line. The guidance is via a diamond cross threaded spindle driven by mean of pulleys and belt.

Winches for special fishing systems

This is a winch specially designed for a special fishing system of a small fish named “sonso” . It is a very light winch to be installed on the deck of the very small vessels practicing this type of fishing without lose stability. It has two drums driven independently each one from an hydraulic motor without clutch and a ribbon brake; one guide for the rope and the sides of the fishing net hydraulically assisted by means of an hydraulic cylinder. This is a very recent execution that has successfully changed the traditional system that stored the fishing net and the ropes on the deck.

Winch for towing boats

Special winch to store the rope or the wire of towing boats with a drum with clutch and double ribbon brake
hydraulically driven.

Anchor windlass

Anchor windlass with one or two wildcats with clutch and ribbon brake for diverse type and size of chains, driven by means of hydraulic motor