Rudders and servo hydraulic driving steering systems

Timones compensados

Compensated rudders adjusted to the dimensions of the propeller clearence of each boat, with rudder blade shaped or flat, with three different rudder hole systems for installation in hulls of wood, steel, fiberglass or aluminium.

Lubrication system of the rudder hole by means of grease with seal rings in the outside of the hull and in the top of the rudder hole inside the hull.

The gooseneck is fitted to the blade by means of bolts making the blade removal easier, without

Articulated rudders

Articulated rudders that improve the maneuverability especially in boats equipped with fixed nozzle. This is a rudder with an small swing blade in the astern of the main blade that swings the same angle as the main blade, deflecting ostensibly the water jet witch reduce the diameter of the evolution curve specially at low speed of the boat.

Watch a short video showing the swinging mechanism during the last adjustments in the end of the installation


Hydraulic servo systems to drive rudders

Hydraulic servo drive system with the appropriate torque required in each rudder, with one or more control points, with hydraulic cylinders in parallel or in series for catamarans or twin propeller boats, hydraulic calculation and installation on board.