Works with relevance

More difficult is a task, more motivations we have to carry it out. The word NO, we rarely use it because we like the challenges

Elongation of the stern of the trawler TONI SEGUNDO


Work carried out with the cooperation of the fiver glass shipyard Lehimosa. We removed the nozzle, the rudder and the propeller shaft; we manufactured an additional stern propeller shaft fitted on the cone where the propeller was before, we manufactured and fitted a strut enhancing and reinforcing the keel heel; we mounted the nozzle in its new location, strengthening the interior of the hull with pillars from the bottom to the deck and finally, we modified  the rudder and we installed it in their new location. With all this work, without changing the propulsion engine, the boat won two knots more of speed.

Cambio de un sistema propulsor de tres motores por un único motor en el EUROPA PRIMA


In this wooden hull boat with three engines we replaced the propulsion system with three propellers for a single engine and one propeller. Installing a stern tube and a propeller shaft grease lubricated manufactured by ourselves, complemented by an outrigger with rubber bearing lubricated by seawater.
We also installed the new motor with gear and we make the study to determine the new propeller.